Rachael Wonderlin


I've been doing improv since 2007, minus about two years. My experience is mostly long-form, although I have done short-form. I've also been on Secondhand Sketch since 2015! I'm best as a sub coach, because I currently coach Crocodile's Dilemma (SCIT's Outstanding Team of the Year 2018!) on Wednesdays. I also practice with my team, Classy and Relevant, on Mondays, and Secondhand Sketch on Tuesdays. I run my own business and have weirdly flexible hours, so unless you want to pick up a daytime regular slot, nighttimes are booked unless it's a sub-gig! I'm a cool sub!

Arcade Comedy Theater

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Unplanned Comedy

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Steel City Improv

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  • House Team

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